MO-HA Trade 96' Ltd. / Vegetable and Fruit Retail and Wholesale
Vegetable and Fruit Retail and Wholesale
Purchase and sale of domestic and imported products on the Budapest Wholesale Market (Budapesti Nagybani Piac). Our customers are welcome on our site with goods of flawless quality and by a professional customer service team.

MO-HA Trade 96' Ltd. / Supplying Vegetables and Fruit
Supplying Vegetables and Fruit
We provide reliable, quality services for restaurants, hotels and other catering outlets. Our company has maintained several years of partnership with at least 70 customers; our vehicles deliver 40-50 orders daily.

MO-HA Trade 96' Ltd. / Products
Our range of products includes more than 250 types of vegetables, fruit, cleaned and dry produce. In addition to the domestic and imported goods a wide range of exotic and special products is also offered to our customers.


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If you are looking for a reliable vegetable and fruit supplier for your hotel, restaurant or shop, we can state without exaggeration that you have arrived at the best place. Our enterprise has more than 15 years of experience in the purchase, wholesale and retail of vegetables and fruit. The mission of our company is to build a partnership based on mutual trust and continuously ensure the satisfaction of our customers through our activities conducted based on preciseness, rapidity, flexibility, quality goods, prices adjusted to market conditions and fair market practices.